Creating A Living Wall In A Guest Bedroom

Creating A Living Wall In A Guest Bedroom

Featured on Old Brand New, Dabito creates a simple, yet lush, green wall in his New Orleans home. We especially love this installation as it captures the impact of our Wally Eco vertical garden wall planters in an intimate setting. 


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There’s so much I love about our new home but fixing up and personalizing the new place isn’t all fun and games; there are a lot of responsibilities as a homeowner. And not the least of those are financial ones. But since we’ve got enough space, I’ve been planning to subsidize our payments by renting out our master bedroom. It'll definitely take some pressure off my mortgage payments. Girrrl, it's been tough! Sometimes I feel like maybe I rushed into buying a home in LA. But whatevs, gotta make it werk!

So, I want to make the room into a sweet escape. I've always loved hosting. When I thought about what I could do to make it a special place for someone to stay, my mind immediately went to the idea of a living wall because there isn't a whole lotta floor space for plants in there. So go vertical, y'all! I got some WallyGro living wall planters which are made from sustainable materials. 

Let me tell you a quick story. Years ago, WallyGro was called Woolly Pocket and I was their in-house graphic designer! Remember those fun illustrations I did? We also installed and photographed them at Barbara Bestor's home. It was fun. I was there for almost four years. While they’ve grown so much and added new products, it's great to still see that some of my designs are still part of the new packaging. Now, WallyGro has a different planter option as well, which is more modern and sleek. Besides that, they’re made of recycled milk containers — which you’d never guess by looking at them. 

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I decided to get six Wally Eco planters in white. I installed them on this one small wall which is the closet wall. If I could tear that closet out right now, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I want more floor space and the closet doors are sliding mirrors. Blah! 

Anyway, the planters are really easy to install: you just need one screw and anchor and it's done. You can water directly into your plants once mounted, by way of a well behind a divider that can hold up to a liter of water. And once you fill it up, it’s actually self-watering. The front has tiny little holes for ventilation for your plant babies to breathe, which is sooo important! It's the perfect way to make a major statement — but in a smart, sustainable way. 

To create this living wall, hang the planters 10" point-to-point vertically so it looks like one piece. The plants I used are fillers and spillers. They help cover up the planters nicely (from the front at least). I could probably throw in some smaller plants on the sides to cover more. From top to bottom, I planted maidenhair fern, staghorn fern, dracaena lemon lime, bird's nest fern, peperomia, and pothos.