A Closer Look: Wally Eco Espresso & Charcoal

A Closer Look: Wally Eco Espresso & Charcoal

From time to time, we get questions on the key differences between the Wally Eco colors of Charcoal and Espresso. On a base level, one is brown and the other is grey; however, when planted up and in different lighting, it’s not that simple - they can look remarkably similar. Not to worry - we’re here to break down these two colors for you and shed some light on their differences in order to help you pick your perfect color!


Espresso Eco Pantone Charcoal Eco Pantone


Our Espresso color is a very dark brown, which in low lighting can even look black! With that said, in direct light you can see the luscious rich brown come through in this planter. This shade is very much an earthy tone which is perfect to achieve a full, flush look with your plants, keeping the attention on the leaves and not the planter. You can pull this look off on any color of wall because it camouflages well with shadows, adds depth and is overall a very versatile shade. 

Key Differences:

  • Our darkest color (darker than Charcoal)
  • Warm tone but can appear cool in certain light
  • A more traditional color

This elegant dark grey can also appear to be different shades in certain lighting. In direct light the grey is more apparent, but in other lighting conditions the blue undertones can either appear to be either a warmer or cooler tone. This will not camouflage as well as the Espresso on a flush wall; but if you want a little color popping through or you want more of a statement piece to blend in with like colors, Charcoal is a great choice.

Key Differences:

  • Lighter than Espresso
  • Cool tone but can appear warm in certain light
  • A more modern color


Both Espresso and Charcoal are our darker, neutral colors of Wally Eco, and both happen to be best sellers, so how can you go wrong? Hey, your plants won't know the difference either way.

For more in-depth descriptions, you can find videos of us discussing the colors on these pages: Wally Eco Espresso | Wally Eco Charcoal 

Now, let’s see them both in action!