Inside Look: Ultimate Outdoor Transformations using Pockets

Inside Look: Ultimate Outdoor Transformations using Pockets

"A perfect design has not only a great appearance, but equally sound ergonomics. We feel there is a symbiotic relationship between functionality and aesthetics. Every project is segmented individually; there is absolutely no limit to the imagination of what can be created for you."  


Behind The Scenes Experience Using The WallyGrow Pockets

WallyGrow’s pocket planters are our go-to when designing living walls for our clients. We generally use the black 5 pocket or 3 pocket planters. Potted Perfection loves the ergonomic function; you do layered vignettes, petite shrubs & everything in between. The construction site is difficult enough, so being able to identify a focal point, create a leveled line, drill holes for the grommets & hang! It’s ability to retain moisture but also an aerated pocket, to reduce possibilities of mold or fungus is perfect. Our client’s pretty much trust us with the design & selection of plantings. Potted Perfection’s design is dictated by our current feelings about the world, nature & how we want to inspire the inhabitants of our outdoor environment. Currently, we really enjoy one-to-three consistent plantings for long stretches; we feel that creates the most impact. But, the simplicity of the WallyGrow pockets allow for the d-i-y gardener to mix it up, and play with plants + palettes, easily switching out with their taste. Which is what Potted Perfection is based on, inspiring, and getting people outside to garden more. They are a nice simple design as well as durable, good quality, and functional for our designs + installations. The pocket planters allow enough room for soil and plantings and provide a thick enough felt material to help retain water while still allowing healthy water drainage. We love that WallyGrow aligns with our sustainable values and uses felt which is a perfect sustainable solution. The pocket planters are easy to install and make a great impact in any of our perfect designs. Our living walls are all custom + unique with our touch of perfection.


The Meaning Of Green Walls To You And To Your Clients

We love to include living walls as a part of our designs because it’s a perfect sustainable solution to having a garden or greenscape in a city space, whether that be a backyard or rooftop deck. It’s a perfect solution to optimize space while creating a beautiful focal point vertically. This way clients can have the best of both worlds, a full garden but also a space for furniture for a functional design to hopefully spend more time outdoors. Because spending more time outdoors is a therapy in itself to feeling good! Whether a client wants an outdoor oasis or even an edible garden the pocket planters are a perfect solution! We get a lot of clients who want an edible garden but they are concerned of stray cats, bugs, or taking up a lot of space – so WallyGrow pocket planters are the answer!


Installing: The Process

We identify the focal points to align the pockets to be ready for installation. Then we make our markings and use a screw with a large head and washer screwing to hold the pocket planter in place. Then we add a porous light soil to the pockets. We add one-gallon size pots for the plants we choose. We select a vignette of 3-5 plantings to repeat throughout. We love including a variety of plantings to provide year-round seasonal interest so our living walls look beautiful no matter the time of year. We always suggest to our clients to have us add a water irrigation system to provide the plants with consistent daily waterings so the plants can be happy, healthy, and always look their best.


The Aftermath: Taking Care Of The Plant Wall Masterpieces

Caring for our living walls is easy with a water irrigation system. All clients have to do is enjoy the beauty or reap the benefits if it’s a edible living wall. Clients are encouraged to deadhead any plants to keep it looking its best and then come freezing weather book an appointment for us to come out to winterize the water irrigation system. Between the rain and snow in the winter season is enough to keep the living wall going until spring when we come back out to hook up the water irrigation system. We also suggest aerating the soil every so often, especially after winter.


We love designing + installing perfect living walls because we can really make it into our own perfect design - a streamline design, an edible wall, monochromatic plantings, or a colorful art piece - it's our world + WallyGrow just makes it an easier process for our creativity + installation. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. Thank you again.





Potted Perfection is family owned business offering design + installation services with a green focus - interior design, landscape design, and sustainable wedding decor. "We Design For A Better Tomorrow" using sustainable practices. They are based out of Philadelphia, PA but have traveled to New Jersey, Delaware, and California. They hope to grow more business in California because they love working with native plants and of course the climate allows us to work with all sorts of plants we can't design with on the East Coast, such as succulents. Every design is custom + unique with functionality at the forefront making each space special to our clients.