Q&A: Decor and Plants in a Vintage Bungalow Home with @bungalow614

Q&A: Decor and Plants in a Vintage Bungalow Home with @bungalow614

Taylor Basilio (@bungalow614) fills her 1938 bungalow in Worthington, Ohio with plants & pretty things. Taylor, a self-expressed fan of moody decor, has captured our hearts with her bungalow's interior, featuring plants of all kinds as well as the natural textures that make plants pop indoors. Read on for Taylor's insight into her home decorating style, color schemes, how plants feature in her designs, and more!

Many thanks to our interviewer, Elise! 


What made you get your 1938 bungalow? What are some joys & challenges of owning an old house?I have always really loved the character of old houses, long before I ever had any idea of what it would be like to own one, let alone own a house at all. Our first home we purchased together in North Carolina was a new build and while I loved that house, I always admired old homes and dreamed of owning one. When we got the opportunity to snatch up this bungalow, we both fell in love immediately. Fortunately, we purchased an older home that was very well maintained and renovated (in a relatively basic way) prior to us purchasing it, so we haven't had any serious challenges, but I would say the major thing we've had to get used to is using space more creatively, as the average older home tends to have less of it. We don't have many closets to work with and have a smaller bath than we're used to, but I would take this house with all its character over a bigger home with less any day. My favorite thing about living in an older home is the ability to bring out its character with minimal change and a few highlights to what makes it unique.



How do you gather, organize and execute your creative interior design ideas?I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and the ability to save posts on Instagram. I have both a personal and a "blog" Pinterest account where I have been collecting inspiration for longer than I can even remember. My Instagram accounts, both personal and the bungalow, have endless folders of saved ideas, whether it be a color, a set of built-ins, or a texture I love and want to incorporate. I'm really lucky to have a husband who is on board with my ideas, crazy or not, so we tend to always be working on something around the house. I don't think my home will ever truly be "finished."



What role(s) do plants have with your lifestyle and design? What attracted you to the Wally Eco?I think it's safe to say I'm sort of a plant fanatic. My mother-in-law was the first person to really make me love plants and learn to care for them, and my mom, sisters, and I can have an entire bonding experience over plant shopping or even just texting photos of our newest plant babies. I also love incorporating plants into every room - I think they liven the space, add undeniable health benefits, and keep things cozy. When I found the Wally Eco planters I kind of lost my mind; it's the perfect way to create a plant wall! The wall I attempted with normal shelves and pots failed, but the plants in my Wally Eco planters are thriving. I'm so excited to continue adding them throughout the house.



What is one item to invest in, should one want to spruce up their house or apartment? I feel there are a lot of different ways to answer this depending on what is important to you in your home, but I'm going to go with a good kitchen table. We were given a hand-me-down dining room table by my mother-in-law that's really quite the step up from anything we've had in the past. It's beautiful, solid wood, and has plenty of character, but what I love most are the memories created around it. We plan to keep it forever and I love that we have something that will last long enough to cherish for that long.



What advice can you give on choosing a color scheme for your house?Try and choose something you won't get sick of and can work around as your style inevitably changes. I love the white-and-charcoal combo I have going on because no matter what colors I'm into or how my style changes, it's something I can always work on. And I know so many people are afraid of going bold, but I say go for it. The right color can truly bring out what's unique in a space and totally shift the mood, and while that can be true of it not turning out well, you'll never know unless you try.


Thanks to Taylor for sharing her story and her methods with us! See her work on social media:

Instagram: @bungalow614