One Year Check-In With Maria's Ombre Green Wall

One Year Check-In With Maria's Ombre Green Wall

Bloom and Grow Radio is a podcast for houseplant lovers by Maria, a NYC-based former succulent-killer turned crazy plant lady with a passion to help others love plants as much as she does (or at least help others to not kill them). The podcast has featured Wallygro on several occasions. Most recently, the Wally Eco was featured in Episode 81 on 12/4, and will feature in the upcoming Episode 82 on 12/17. Be sure to give it a listen! 

Now, let's check in with Maria's own green wall to see its growth 1 year after she first installed it:



About this video, Maria writes: 

Today I'm showing you my ombre green wall I built with Wallygro last year - and updates on how it's grown (and showing you details on how exactly it gets installed).


Wallygro is a Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast Sponsor and Partner.

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Video editing by Chelsey Megan Media.



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