Watch: Meet the Houseplants - Monstera Sp. Peru + Loop

Watch: Meet the Houseplants - Monstera Sp. Peru + Loop

Betsy Begonia (@betsybegonia) is a YouTuber (plant-tuber) and plantfluencer based in Lille, France who makes videos related to houseplants. Betsy's Monstera sp. Peru lives in a lovely Rose Loop, and she would love for you to meet this plant. Watch the video below for care tips and more!



About this video, Betsy writes:

Like the pink planter in this video? It’s the Loop from WallyGro. Use the code BETSY15, for 15% off the Loop planters now until Sept 3. 

Meet my houseplants! Welcome to my plant series in which I introduce you to every. single. houseplant in my home. We’re gonna get real familiar with each other.

Today's houseplant: Monstera sp. Peru.

Learn about the care requirements for Monstera sp. Peru such as lighting, humidity, growing difficulty, potting mix, and more.

I hope you enjoy!


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