Benefits Of Plants In The Classroom

Benefits Of Plants In The Classroom

Plants increase attention by 70%


Jenny has been a first grade teacher for four years, and she is always trying to find new ways to improve her students' learning experience. For as much time her and her students spend in the classroom, she wants to make it as serene and inviting as possible this year! She is using the WallyGrow Eco Planters because they are engaging and extremely simple to use!



The Ecos are meant to be drilled into the wall, but Jenny has a ledge that wraps around the walls of the classroom. She decided to place the Ecos on the ledge rather than drill them into the wall, which is a great alternative! She wanted to make sure her students were involved in caring for the plants so she decided that she will water the plants each week, but the students will be in charge of misting the leaves each day or two. She got the Continuous Mist Bottle that is super simple and fun for the students to use.


“I love how these plants have not only added life to the classroom, but they have also helped build a better sense of community and responsibility among the students as they work together to help them flourish.”


Plants improve productivity by 47%


The Ecos are such a great resource for Jenny’s classroom because they allow students to see first-hand how to care for a plant. It will help teach the students patience and care, and also give them a sense of pride knowing they helped grow them! Planting is a great activity to engage the senses, from observing the different variations of colors, to smelling and feeling the soil. Plus, if there's one thing that kids love to do, it's getting their hands dirty! Also, since WallyGrow planters are made from 100% recycled plastic, they can help instill the importance of sustainability and recycling in students at a young age!

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