Behind the Scenes: The Wallygrow Partner Featured on Netflix’s Queer Eye

Behind the Scenes: The Wallygrow Partner Featured on Netflix’s Queer Eye

Lights, camera, action! Trust us when we say that when the Wallygrow team spotted our beloved Pocket Wall Planters on Season 6 Episode 6 of Queer Eye we kind of lost it….in the best way possible! We promise, no spoiler alerts but here's the gist. The Fab Five gave the featured hero the ultimate backyard and visited our good friends and partner Garden Seventeen in Austin, Texas to make all the plant dreams come true.

Garden Seventeen has a stellar display of Wallygrow products and actually features screens showing all the how-tos! Garden Seventeen was told that this yard transformation was the largest in Queer Eye history, so head on over to Netflix to watch the episode for yourself!

The WallyGrow display at Garden Seventeen

”Working with Queer Eye was such a whirlwind! TV is always such a fast paced fun magic to be a part of! But working with Queer Eye was filled with human’s that really cared about what they were doing and the impact it makes for the Hero’s lives, and not just the TV impact. We were thrilled to be a part of such a positive impact!” - Rodney Stoutenger, Garden Seventeen

By Garden Seventeen supplying the Fab Five with all of the quality botanical goods, the team was able to give the featured hero the landscape renovation she deserves. We are so happy to see this gorgeous dream garden where she can relax from all of her hard work!

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