Seasonal Wall Planter Color Refresh in @apartmentbotanist's Apartment Plant Wall

Seasonal Wall Planter Color Refresh in @apartmentbotanist's Apartment Plant Wall

Alessia Resta (@apartmentbotanist) lives in an apartment in NYC with over 175 plants! Alessia shares her ideas, methods and experiences on her blog,, helping everyone from new plant parents to seasoned professionals along their own plant journey. Alessia recently decided to freshen up her Wally Eco plant wall with a little love for Valentine's Day, switching out her bright mix of colors for a lovely red, pink and white combo featuring Brick Red, Rose and White Wally Eco planters.



I’m such a sucker for Valentine’s Day!

All the pink & red decor! More importantly, it’s a time to remember the ones you love, whether it’s a partner, family, friends, pets or plants!

I never go too crazy decorating my apartment for each holiday, mainly because there isn’t too much room with all the plants, but I always try to do a little something here and there to get into the spirit. Whether it’s a themed candle or felt banner, there’s always a little something to help get the apartment in the holiday mood!

Excitingly, this year, while planning out my V-Day decor, WallyGro released the new Brick Red color in their amazing Wally Eco planters. Well, the wheels started turning, and I had the cutest vision for V-Day that also included plants!

I already have a few Wally Eco Planters hanging, so I thought this would be perfect to pop the plants in from the existing ones into these new colors!


Apt Botanist Wall Before


These are the existing Wally Eco planters that I have hanging. I love these earth tones! Two of these are potted with sphagnum moss, so I’ll just pop them in another spot for the time being.

When I originally installed the Wally Ecos, I potted them a little differently. I used two 6” nursing pots and hydro balls at the bottom so that the planters would act like a cache pot that provided humidity. I loved this method because it would allow me the opportunity to swap for different colored Wally Eco planters if I ever wanted to change things up, just like I’m doing now.

It’s fun to test the look of different plants in the space, so I’ll be adding some new ones!


Apt Botanist Installing Brackets

These are so easy and simple to install. You first put an anchor into the wall, and then simply screw the bracket in.

*Pro-tip* always drill a smaller hole if you’re not sure of the correct size. You can always make a hole bigger, but never smaller!

When you’re planning out where to place your planters, be sure to take into consideration the space the Eco planters take up. You want equal amount of space for each planter, as well.


Hardware of the Wally Eco planters Flipping the divider in the Wally Eco Assembled Wally Eco

Each Eco planter comes with everything you need to install it.



It was super easy transferring the plants from one Eco planter to the new Brick Eco Planter!

For the new plants, I simply grabbed two 6” nursing pots and potted the plants up with a mixture of well draining potting soil, orchid bark, perlite, charcoal, systematic granules, and spag moss.

I then poured hydro balls (clay balls) to the bottom of the Eco. This is perfect to help lift the plants up and to catch, absorb, and evaporate water. It acts like a pebble tray to create humidity for the plants.


Watering the Wally Eco


Time to hang the new set: simply slide the planter onto the bracket from the back. I also hung this adorable felt banner I found at Home Goods! 

Remember to give those plants a nice drink of water!


Apt Botanist Finished Install of Wally Eco Planters

I’m obsessed with how they turned out!

From left to right:
Wally Eco planters: Brick Red, Rose, White, Rose and Brick Red
Plants: Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil', Silver Philodendron, Marble Pothos, Huperzia goebelii, Golden Pothos

Artwork by my very talented friend Alina.

I totally made an excuse to buy cupcakes and take these pics while smooching my dog Pachino :)


I hope you liked this Valentine’s Day x Planty inspo!

Let me know if you try something like this in your own space or just pick up some Wally Eco planters to make your own living wall. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you WallyGro for sending me these Eco planters so I can make this lovely vision come to life!


Interested in making this look for yourself? Browse our limited time February mixed color packs of Brick & Rose and Brick & White!

Thanks to Alessia for sharing her Valentine's Day project with us! 

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