Creating a Desert Oasis Plant Wall Inside Acme 5 Lifestyle

Creating a Desert Oasis Plant Wall Inside Acme 5 Lifestyle

Acme 5 Lifestyle is a boutique with 2 California locations that specializes in indoor & outdoor furniture, home decor, plants, and interior & landscape design. Their Yucca Valley location recently put up a lush Wally Eco plant wall with the help of manager Stephanie Geny and installer Haley McMillen. Read on for their process and insights into creating their desert oasis wall!

Thanks to the Acme 5 crew for sharing their experiences with us!  


 Creating a Desert Oasis

The concept of this plant wall was to bring a lush greenscape to the desert. As popular as plant walls are, we had yet to see one installed in the Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree area. The extreme weather conditions of the high desert can make it challenging to care for plants outside. However, succulents and indoor plants thrive in the indoor environment. 

By using hanging succulents, Aloe Vera, and Kalanchoe varieties for height, we would create a very full, grown-in look. That way, when people walk by, open the door, or even drive by the store, they will be transported to a jungle-like oasis. Definitely eye-catching, yet calming and dense with greenery.


Acme 5 Lifestyle Planting the Eco Planters

Planning the Wall

Acme 5 Lifestyle currently has 2 locations: one in Yucca Valley and one on the border of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. This Wally Eco plant wall is installed at our Yucca Valley location. This is such a fun store, as we get lots of traffic from tourists visiting the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, which is only about 15 minutes away! In addition, with the popularity of starting Airbnbs and purchasing properties in the desert rising, there are lots of people looking to furnish and decorate their new spaces. Acme 5 Lifestyle has become a one-stop shop for Bohemian & modern decor and plants. 

We chose to work with the Wally Eco planters in White for this wall, due to the overall color scheme of the store. The textures and colors in the store are neutral creams and whites paired with warm textures of wood and stone, spiked with the vibrant oranges and reds of the Moroccan rugs and pillows. 


Acme 5 Lifestyle Process 1 


A variety of 4” and 6” succulents (Aloe Vera, Kalanchoe, etc.)

21 Wally Eco planters in white 


Ruler (We chose to anchor the planters 14” from each anchor)



Acme 5 Lifestyle Plant Wall Process


The plant wall was installed November 21st during store hours. We were happy to install while the store was open, because the installation process was exciting for customers to come across. We imagine this wall will pique interest in those who see it from the street, or while visiting the store. 

As I was hanging the planted Eco baskets, I received lots of “Ooohs” and “Aahhs.” One customer asked about the Wally Eco containers, as he had never seen them before. It’s always exciting when explaining the versatility and endless options available when using Wallygro products. Between all the colors to choose from, and the different installation spacing options, you can really make whatever your vision is, come true. 


Acme 5 Lifestyle Plant Wall

Based On Experience…

Remember, you can always shift the Wally Eco planters around! The design allows you to hook and unhook the planters to try out different placements of the different planted units, so you can be sure to have just the right composition and balanced design.


Acme 5 Lifestyle Storefront


Thanks to:

Designer/Installer: Haley McMillen (@planethales)

Brand Manager & Yucca Valley Manager: Stephanie Geny (@stephaniekgeny)

Location: Acme 5 Lifestyle - Yucca Valley (@acme5yuccavalley)