5 Ways To Decorate Your Plant Wall for the Holidays

5 Ways To Decorate Your Plant Wall for the Holidays

The best part of plants as decor is how these timeless green babes can easily transition with your space from season to season - especially with plant walls. There are endless ways to change up the look of your wall, especially for eclectic seasonal holidays! With the holiday season approaching, we have a lot of cool items to play around with: mistletoe, stockings, ornaments, lights, garlands, and more - oh my! Why NOT mix your decor with your plants to make a truly magical experience? And, good news: all of the looks we’ve created as inspiration are easily attainable in your own space and complement existing holiday decor. While we played up the traditional Christmas tones of green (Olive Eco), red (Brick Eco), and white (White Eco), it doesn’t really matter what color of planter you use to create your holiday masterpiece! Read on for a few ways you can easily customize your plant wall to incorporate your plants into a seasonal experience.


Planters used: White Eco | Olive Eco | Brick Eco


Brick and White Eco

1. Planty Wonderland

For those who celebrate Christmas, do you not have enough room for a Christmas tree, or maybe this year you’re not putting one up? This is a great option in lieu of a Christmas tree! Save yourself the hassle of a tree and just build your ‘tree’ on the wall! This decor look is also easy to expand on - make it as small or big as you want! With clothespins, all of your favorite ornaments can just simply hang off your planters this year - give it a try!



Brick and Olive Wally Eco

2. Seasonal Transitions

While Olive and Brick are great color choices year-round, the whimsical accent pieces chosen for this look are not just good for ONE season. You can easily start this look in October and have it set up until January for a solid fall and winter style (or, year-round!). Accents like pinecones and antlers make for such an enchanting vibe. If you really want to kick it up a notch and go all-out with your wall garden, you can even add in mini windmills, blown glass art pieces or little gnome or fairy figures throughout. This look is cozy enough for the cold months but doesn't scream holiday-exclusive decor, making it a great balance for someone who is looking for non-denominational style. The decor looks great in one planter, and an entire wall! 



White, Brick, and Olive Wally Eco 4-planter plant wall

3. Holiday Colors

This decor style gives you a little splash of each beloved color of the holiday season. The reds, greens, and whites tie the look together, and while it's seasonal enough with just these colors, you can always elevate it to the next level by incorporating your favorite lights and ornaments. This install would make the perfect backdrop to any holiday photos with family and friends in your bubble. You can even pop these off and give them to your holiday guests as presents or party favors. Gone are the days of gathering around the Christmas tree, we say - gather around the plants! 



White, Brick, Olive Wally Eco holiday plant wall

4. Cozy Traditional 

This plant wall makes us want to curl up with some warm tea, a book, and a blanket; what about you? Between the plants, planter colors, lights and ornaments this is cozy to the max and almost guaranteed to get you compliments on your next Zoom call or small gathering. You can even round out this look by putting your presents underneath for the ultimate Instagram moment (if you do this, tag us - we want to see!).



White and Brick Wally Eco

5. Minimally Classic

Red and white really bring all the classic holiday vibes! This spaced-out grid look is easy and helps show off your lights: simply string your lights to dip into the open space for an elegant feel. For kicks, we popped our elf (named Wally, naturally) into one of the planters, which, let’s be honest, is fun for all ages. The style is minimal enough that it makes the perfect complement to existing holiday decor. 



Lights in irrigation slots - Wally Eco 

Pro Tip: You know those slots in the sides of the Eco planters? Those are meant for irrigation lines should you want to run irrigation for your wall; however, they can also be used for… string lights! The corded lights easily fit into the slots, keeping them securely in place so you can have peace of mind that your lights and wall are all set for the holiday season.


Holiday decor components 

What we used: We gathered up our favorite holiday trinkets and simply placed them in the plant wall - you can go as strategic or as random as you like. We used mini clothespins (you can find these in nearly any craft store) to secure the ornaments and stockings. The garland can simply lay along the planters in whatever shape or design fits your style! We also had fun with the mini elf, especially as this trend has picked up with kiddos in the last few years - in our opinion the Elf is much better suited in planters than sitting on a shelf!