5 Tips to Create a Tablescape Background with Plants

5 Tips to Create a Tablescape Background with Plants

Time to let your creative juices flow with these cute tablescaping background ideas! Whether you want to doll up your space for the holidays, a special occasion or just because, these ideas are transitional enough to give you aesthetic good vibes for as long as you want.

Tip #1 Start small, then grow

When in doubt on where to start, a 4 pack of Ecos provides a solid foundation. This way, the wall feels balanced and complete but also offers leeway into adding on more in the future should you want to.

Tip #2 Give a little contrast or match

With our 10+ color options, there is a color for everyone. Whether you want to have a plant wall that is more of an accent wall and have contrasting color, or if you are looking for more blendability, we have it. Give your wall even more personalization with our Loop Planter as you can change out the cord colors.

Want a little of everything? Our bestselling Rainbow Pack can help with that.

Tip #3 Design and spacing

While the planters can certainly flow linearly, we’ve heard from customers that it is also fun to play around with the design and spacing! Here are unique ideas on how to space out and design your layout.

Tip #4 Sourcing plants

A great feature about the Eco is that you do not have to direct plant the plants into the planter, you can simply swap out different plants (while leaving them in their nursery pots)! This is not only easy but it provides variety so you can always display something new.

If you are in the mood for new plants (oh, we know that mood!), we ship plants direct from our greenhouse in Florida, check them out here.

Tip #5 Lighting

Crave a plant wall in your dining area but have the worst lighting that even the most resilient low light plants couldn’t deal with? We swear by Soltech Solutions lighting systems. The lighting solutions have been a fan favorite among plant wall owners for years. The sleek design fits in with most households and its worth every penny as its rated to last 15yrs at 16hrs/day usage. Best of all? Not only will your plants survive, the lights ensure that they actually GROW!

Bonus Tip

Round out your botanical style with the exclusive placemats, made from 100% organic cotton. These machine washable placemats are perfect for any time of year. Whether you want to mix and match have each place setting have their own design or go all out with one theme, your guests will love the attention to detail!

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