5 Simple Steps to Create an Autumn Vertical Garden

5 Simple Steps to Create an Autumn Vertical Garden

Autumn is all about spice, warmth, coziness…and mum walls! Spruce up your space with a fresh seasonal look by incorporating gorgeous autumn colors on your walls, inside or outdoors! This look is perfect for patios or even as a cozy backdrop to your dining room. Compliments = guaranteed.

Get the look with the 5 easy steps below, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@wallygrowplanters) because we are so excited to see your creations!


Step 1: Prep & Planning

(Brick, Terracotta, Mustard, Olive, Charcoal, Espresso)

Choose the color of Ecos you want to use. You can either use the ones you already have, or mix it up with some new fall colors! We used Terracotta, Mustard and Brick Ecos but check out additional autumn favorites here.

Screenshot alert! Here is the complete list of supplies we used to create this look:

9 Ecos

9 mums (We used 1 gallon-sized mums and they were a great fit!)

Festive napkins

1 Decorative wood bowl

8 Mini gourds

1 Mason jar

Bag of candy corn


Step 2: Planting and Install

Planting: You can either direct plant your mums into the Eco or simply place the mums inside the eco within their nursery pots.

Eco Layout: For this look we opted for 12 in x 12 in spacing, however the sky is the limit on how creative you want to be with your design.

Pro tip: If you are adding new colors to an existing wall no need to redrill or undo existing brackets, just pop the new color of Eco onto existing brackets as they are hidden and will not be seen.


Step 3: Design Fun

One of the best things about the Eco is that it easily pops on and off the wall allowing you the option to constantly change up your design if you please. As you can see, we had a blast changing up the look which can provide fresh experiences each time!


Step 4: Mum Care Tip

Give your newly planted mums a good watering. And rotate the Eco positioning every so often to give your mums a variety and even distribution of light.

Pro tip: Treat them with a healthy dose of WallyGrow nutrients to give them some extra love! (They will last even longer this way!)


Step 5: The Final Touches

Garnish the table with all of the goodies mentioned in step 1. We say, the more candy corn the better so go after it plant fam!