Top 5 Pet friendly plants for your home

Top 5 Pet friendly plants for your home

There's no denying it, plants are the best addition to any space. They bring nature into our homes and bring our rooms to life. They purify the air and boost our moods. Plus, they're pretty to look at! The benefits are endless, but it's important to know which plants are best for you…and your four-legged roommates. Some plants can be extremely toxic to animals. If you have a pet that is determined to chew on anything and everything, you'll want to be careful about which ones you buy. We are pet-lovers here at WallyGrow and we want to ensure no fur babies are harmed by houseplants!
Below is a list of some of our favorite pet-friendly plants that are also low-maintenance; a win-win!

With its long-spotted leaves and low-light needs, this pretty plant is ideal for pet-owners and is one of the easiest to care for in the Calathea family.

These patterned leaves are guaranteed to make a statement. At night, these pet-friendly plants curl their leaves up, resembling praying hands!

This fun plant is very adaptable and its funky leaves will add cheer to any room; your pet will agree!

Considered one of the most air-purifying plants on the market, the Boston Fern is the perfect addition to any pet-shared space. Despite its delicate frame, the Boston Fern is quite resilient and looks especially stunning while hanging from the ceiling.

This non-toxic plant deserves a place in your home! It really loves water and high humidity. This one may need a little extra TLC but its beautiful growth will be worth it.

There are plenty of options, so look out for our "safe for furry friends" badge on our plant page to help guide you while shopping! You don’t have to choose between your plants and your pets; in fact, we suggest you never do!
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