5 Benefits of Zoom Rooms: Plant Wall Edition

5 Benefits of Zoom Rooms: Plant Wall Edition

What the heck is a Zoom room?

Zoom rooms are designated areas in your home created so you can take conference videos. Since the pandemic and with virtual work on the rise, Zoom and other methods of conference calls are more mainstream than ever. But what if you have a less than adequate background? Or, a background that doesn’t properly show the professional that you are? Below are 5 benefits of creating a professional Zoom room using a plant wall. Compliments = guaranteed!

1. Change It Up

By now, if you are WFH, or at least hybrid you might be a bit bored with your current set up and need a change up. A plant wall is the easiest way to make that change happen! Especially when you can start off small, with one planter, and always build out more from there. No light? No problem. There are so many plant varieties like pothos, zz plants or snake plants that do just fine in minimal light. Ok no more excuses, go doll up your home office!

2. Add Character

Ditch generic (and boring) virtual AI generated backgrounds. Showcase your unique and REAL side with a green wall. People will find it so refreshing for a change!

3. Inspire

Who is to say your unique style will not inspire others to take a similar approach? If anything, it will be the ultimate ice breaker for those conference calls that can be a little mundane 😊

4. Health

Ok so your wall looks good, people on Zoom are loving it, but what about you? Let’s talk about all of that fresh and healthy oxygen you will receive from your plants! Also, the mental wellness which is just as good.

5. Impress (Virtual) Guests

Because you can only make a first impression once, and when you are limited to virtual meetings you lose out on the other capabilities of making an impression (a firm handshake, cup of coffee, a conference room), a plant wall is the next best thing!