Ways to Style the Full Plant Look: 10 Eco Spacing Guide & Inspo

Ways to Style the Full Plant Look: 10 Eco Spacing Guide & Inspo

It seems like more and more people are really craving that full, flush plant wall look. Whether you want to maximize wall space in a family room, give a little nook some TLC, or you wish you could have 20 planters but only have the budget for 10, well, get ready for some styling tips in this handy guide to laying out your 10-planter plant wall!


Vertical 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Vertical 10 (Tall Flush 10)

This layout is perfect for those wanting to elongate a room, as it really lends the illusion of creating some awesome height to any space. This is also a good style to go with if you have a bit of awkward or overlooked space that you want to bring life to! This is on a tight grid, which is beneficial if you’re looking to get that flush look. For an example, if you have a white wall and you install white planters, this tight grid paired with full plants like spider plants, ferns, and pothos will effectively hide the planters, creating that ultimate jungle illusion of plants coming straight from your wall!

Horizontal 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Horizontal 10 (Wide Flush 10)

This is the style you want to go with if you’re looking to give your space some added depth and length! This layout looks especially great above a bed or even a sofa, and also looks cute outside on a deck or a fence for growing edibles in summertime. 

Spaced Horizontal 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Spaced Horizontal 10

The major difference between this layout and the tighter horizontal 10 above is that this spacing allows you to maximize the ground you cover with plants, making your indoor jungle seem that much bigger. This is a good option if you have lots of wall space you want to cover!

Staggered 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Staggered 10

Now this is the look you go for if you have a wall that you really need to doll up, whether it’s in a lofty area with lots of crazy high wall space, a backdrop for a photo opp, or even if you have a long, boring hallway that you want to make FUN. This layout can fill a large area with plants, and the staggered planters add interest, dimension and character to any space without being too perfect.


Offset Vertical 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Offset Vertical 10

This layout has just enough edge to give your space a pick-me-up. The offset column actually creates the illusion of being a lot more than 10 planters, if that’s the look you want! This look is especially pretty when paired with some enchanting trailing plants like Marble Queen Pothos. Fun for a dining room space or even a guest bedroom!


Tight Staggered 10: Wally Eco Plant Wall Spacing

Tight Staggered 10

This look fills out a space that’s offset enough to give character, but is still symmetrical, so you can center it well with a sofa, loveseat, or bed. This would also look incredible as a backdrop behind a dining room set! If you really want to maximize the spaces in between the planters, you can go for more upright plants like Monstera, Parlor Palms or Sansevieria!

How do you style your 10?

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