10 Easy Solutions for Common Plant Problems

10 Easy Solutions for Common Plant Problems

Problem #1: Windowless Rooms | Solution: Grow Lights

Have the worst lighting (or no lighting at all!) that even the most resilient low light plants couldn’t deal with? Enter: Soltech Solutions lighting systems. The lighting solutions have been a fan favorite among plant wall owners for years. The sleek design fits in with most households and its worth every penny as its rated to last 15yrs at 16hrs/day usage. Best of all? Not only will your plants survive, the lights ensure that they actually GROW!


Problem #2: Gnats | Solution: Gnat Strips

The images speak for themselves! Our gnat traps use a bright yellow color to attract gnats and a high-quality non-toxic glue to trap them that is safe for kids and pets alike. The yellow color and non-toxic glue mean no odors or harmful chemicals in your home.


Problem #3: Overwatering/Rootrot | Solution: Loop Planter

It is impossible to overwater plants in the Loop! The #1 way to kill a plant is by overwatering and the Loop 100% prevents this with its inner drainage smart design. The Loop includes an inner shell with 360° drainage - any excess water simple goes into the leakproof outer shell that you can dump out.


Problem #4: No Floor Space | Solution: Eco Planter

No floor space, no problem. The Eco is the ridiculously easy wall planter that hangs indoors or outdoors - we include all hardware! The Eco is the  #1 bestselling patented wall planter for 10 years strong - and for good reason!


Problem #5: Unsure Which Plant To Begin With | Solution: Pothos!

Pothos are some of the most popular and laid-back houseplants out there. They are straightforward and tell you how it is. When thirsty, their leaves look droopy and start curling. When he develops brown spots, it's a signal they need more light.



Problem #6: No Or Slow Growth | Solution: Nutrients

These exclusive, organic, soluble soil additives make caring for plants easier by delivering nutrients and beneficial fungi to help your plants grow fuller and stronger.


Problem #7: Dry Conditions | Solution: Mister Bottle

The multifunctional bottle is the item we swear by for creating abundant moisture in the air.


Problem #8: Chronic Plant Killer | Solution: How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

Do you only have to look at a plant for it to wither and die? How Not To Kill Your Houseplant comes to the rescue and helps you create an oasis of happy, flourishing houseplants.


Problem #9: Forget To Water | Solution: Irrigation

The Galcon timer and supply line kit allow for worry free, easily scheduled watering. Never forget to water your plants again!


Problem #10: Don't Know How To Style Your Plants | Solution: Wild at Home by Hilton Carter

Have plants but not sure how to curate them in your home? Hilton Carter walks you through on how to make your home a healthier and more beautiful place...it is truly design meets plants 101 and we cannot recommend it enough!