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Eco Rose Wall Planter
Wally Eco Rose Living Wall Planter Front View
Wally Eco Rose Vertical Garden Wall Planter Installation Example
Eco Rose Wall Planter

Eco Rose Wall Planter


Eco is the bestselling patented wall planter for 10 years strong!
The Eco wall planter is the ultimate ecosystem for plants. The smart watering channel design allows water to hit the roots directly, tapping into the plants true growth potential, and in turn allows you to water less frequently (1-2 weeks dependent on the plant)!  The front perforated holes allow for breathability to prevent common plant diseases such as root rot. Best of all, you can plant and hang with peace of mind knowing the Eco is 100% leakproof!

Made for Everyone
No floor space, no problem! You do not have to be a professional to get a green wall, the Eco is made for anyone in any space. The Eco comes in a wide range of colors. The bright and bold hues allow you to show off your plant wall masterpiece while the neutrals allow you to blend and camouflage. The durability allows for both indoor and outdoor installs.

The Magic of Plant Walls: Good for You, Good for the Environment
Since our inception in 2007, we have diverted 10+ million plastic bottles from landfills through our use of 100% recycled plastic in the fabrication of our planters. Recycle, reuse, and grow more green! 

Easy and effective, the benefits are endless:

  • Reduce a building's carbon footprint by filtering pollutants from the air.
  • Create a healthy environment. Improve air quality & reduce stress.
  • Customize your environment even with limited floor space.
  • Increase productivity. At the Chelsea Flower Show, a study showed that office plants increased staff productivity and concentration by 47%.