Plant Lifestyle Predictions 2021

Plant Lifestyle Predictions 2021

Were plants your go-to safe quarantine friend for 2020? Yes, us too! In previous seasonal changes we have created specific plant predictions on varieties like this and this, but since 2020 has set a new normal for just about everything in life, we thought it would be fun to hone in on how plant trends in general can very well set a new normal with our lifestyle going into the new year. Below are our top plant trend predictions of 2021:



1. Plants Direct To You

2020 set the new normal in terms of how we shop by avoiding crowds, experiencing limited store hours, or unfortunately some of our favorite storefronts closing. Shipping plants direct to you has never been easier and because of the accessibility, we have a feeling more plants will be in transit this year than ever. We were so excited to start shipping plants last year to our customers with our new Plant Kits that come with everything you need in one click (and bonus: free shipping)! 

2. Home Office X Plants

Because take it from us, you will get loads of compliments on your plant wall as your backdrop for those zoom calls! By now most of us have nestled into the WFH life. To stay focused and motivated, the office ambiance is key to many. Plants help accomplish both while beautifying your space, doesn’t get much better! Get the look from this instafamous shot, shop the Wally Eco

3. Plant Clippings via Post

Are plant clippings the modern pen pal? It sure seems like it! We have seen several of our plant friends speak about plant clippings through the years, sending clippings to other plant friends via post and now its bigger than ever. Take Maria of Bloom and Grow Radio who has an area of clippings in her place from friends from around the world! What an intimate and thoughtful gesture, to be able to admire clippings and create new life from them while thinking of a friend or loved one from afar.

4. Virtual Plant Workshops

If you are like us, you miss attending plant workshops to learn about new varieties, new planting techniques, and meeting new friends! We predict 2021 being the year of virtual plant workshops, whether it’s a more formal event held by your local garden center on a Zoom call, or perhaps an informal event held on Instagram live. Whatever the occasion, thank goodness for technology, right?


5. Plant Newbie to Plant Expert

With the universe granting us more stay at home time, many have already graduated from Plant Newbie to Plant Expert (we see you!). For those in the Plant Newbie category who want to advance to the green life, time most likely will be on our side at least for the first half of 2021, so why not take advantage of this and get going! We have a wealth of resources on our blog, and we also recommend following fellow plant lovers on Instagram such as @plantmepaul@farmernicknyc, @cyrilcybernated, and/or listen to the Bloom and grow radio podcast.

6. Edible Gardens

Ok, this may not be entirely new to the scene however we have a strong feeling edible gardens will continue their popular streak in 2021 as people are becoming more sustainable, resourceful and avoiding crowds to stay healthy. Plus, who doesn’t love a little fresh basil picked right from their kitchen? Edible gardens are also an amazing way to safely gather your neighbors or community for an outdoor project. We have seen people already take advantage of this from Brooklyn rooftops, to parks in Florida.

7. Plant Experimentation

With more time on our hands many people are becoming a bit more brave with their plant endeavors, and trying things they have never done before. Perhaps they are sick of their plants dying right about now because the lack of light (thanks winter!), the Soltech Aspect Pendant Light could be a great solution to not only help plants stay alive but actually promote growth! Or, some people have gnats that will just not.go.away. in that case 2021 could be the year people start introducing nutrients to their plants to repel those annoying pests. Wally Nutrients is great since you cannot overdose your plants, and bonus: you will have some of the healthiest plants on the block!


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