Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Gardeners are a special group of people with unique interests, but buying for them doesn’t have to be difficult or exuberantly expensive. We’ve rounded up the top gifts to put a smile on your gardeners face this Christmas without breaking the bank.


Gathering Gift Basket

For the all-in-one gifter, this is the gift for you. Purchase a stylish gardening basket at your local nursery or local big box store and fill with various gardening tools; garden labels, gloves, or a small watering can. Tie a bow around the handle, and you’ve got yourself a fully wrapped gardening gift! Prices range from $10-$40



For all those gardeners too far to celebrate with face-to-face, this is the perfect gift! With this grow-anywhere, mini-garden greeting cards you can send green love anywhere in the country. Just pop open the card, water the base, and sprinkle the enclosed seed packet on top. Sprouts start to grow in 2 to 3 days and last up to 2 weeks. Available in two architectural designs: City or Botanical Garden. $12.50 each, depending on where you purchase it from.


Flower and Cottage Felt Birdhouses

Bright and cheery, these charming yet functional birdhouses add a fun, decorative touch either inside or out. The 1.25” openings are just the right size for smaller birds like chickadees, titmice, and bluebirds; or you can easily enlarge them for bigger birds. Crafted by skilled, fair-trade artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal, from hand-felted wool and hand-dyed woolen yarns. Felted wool is naturally water-repellent, and can be air-dried if rain-soaked. $25-$35 dollars each.


Living Wall Planters

Our Living Wall Planter will turn even the newest gardeners into pro's. With its sleek design, simple assembly and excellent plant environment, growing a living wall has never been easier. Just mount the wall bracket, fill the Living Wall Planter and hang; 3 easy steps to bringing your walls to life! $19 each.


Kneeling Pad

Give the gift that keeps on giving with the Kneeling Pad. Protecting knees and back while tackling weeds and beds is a constant challenge for gardeners and your gift can help solve it!

Perfect for weeding the garden, laying new seed or just cleaning the kitchen floor, get a kneeling pad made with memory foam to offer support while kneeling or sitting. Prices will vary from $10-$20


Wally Eco Vertical Garden Planters

Create an instantly lush vertical garden and enjoy the beauty of plants in any environment. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, the Vertical Garden Planter is soft-sided, breathable, modular, and cute! Perfect for any person looking to expand their garden. $40 each, buy 4 or more and get 20% off!

Seed Kit

The perfect gift for any gardener, a seed kit is often customizable and personal while being fully functional and fun. Give the gift of home gardening! You can choose different packages such as heirloom vegetables, salsa garden, etc. Perfect for planting in your backyard to create a beautiful home garden and very budget friendly. Prices range from $5-$10


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