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Loop White Hanging Planter

Loop White Hanging Planter


Eco Espresso Wall Planter

Eco Espresso Wall Planter

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Gnat Sticky Trap

Gnat Sticky Trap


How Not To Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless
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How Not To Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless

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#1 bestselling patented wall planter that easily pops on and off the walls and is 100% leakproof

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The only hanging planter to feature 360 degree drainage to prevent plant disease

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The best wall planter to achieve the ultimate flush plant wall look

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Grace S. | ★★★★★

How can you stop at just 1 Eco Planter? You can't.
My client and her patients love this living wall. Her patients have mentioned that the living wall in the waiting room makes them feel less anxious about their dentist visits!

Amy L. | ★★★★★

These wall planters worked beautifully to add some color and life to our modern kitchen. And the planting, installation, watering, everything has been really easy.

Vanessa G. | ★★★★★

I love these pots. I bought 12 because I have so many plants and it was so helpful in decluttering all the pots I had everywhere. The way I use these is by layering .5 inch of pumice on the bottom (for extra oxygen) and then filling the pot with soil and my plants. My plants adjusted fairly quickly.

Patrick K. | ★★★★★

These pots are AMAZING. They are lightweight but strong, functional and yet beautiful. Super easy to water the plants from the bottom or to take out of the wall and give it a good “rain” outside or over the sink. Buy them! Don’t even think twice.

Kate M. | ★★★★★

Still working on filling in the wall, but wallygros are the best wall planters!

10+ million bottles recycled.
These are planters to feel good about.

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