10 Most Popular Houseplants For Spring: Our Predictions

10 Most Popular Houseplants For Spring: Our Predictions

The sun has finally come out and the birds are chirping, y'all - spring has finally sprung! For plant people, we know what that means - it's time to start growing our collections again, of course. As more and more plants that were sheltered inside for the winter can be moved gradually outside, that just frees up more space inside for, you guessed it, more plants. Here are our top recommendations for trendy plants to look out for this spring! 


Pilea Peperomia

1. Pilea peperomioides

This cool & retro plant is the ultimate pick for spring. The animated and joyful leaves give us all the feel-good vibes - which is perfect for sunny spring afternoons. Since Peperomia tend to prefer medium to bright light, these guys will love hanging with you during those longer spring days.


Aloe vera

2. Aloe

This plant is here to prepare you for the SUN! What better way to get into the groove of warmer days than with your own personal supply of fresh aloe?


 Luigi Al Teatro herb wall

3. Edibles

It’s hard to pick just one edible for this category, since there are so many we love: tomatoes, strawberries, herbs of all kinds, and more. Spring is the perfect time to get your indoor (or outdoor) garden ready for your own fresh produce, and Wally Eco planters are perfect for an indoor herb garden. Fresh herbs in your own kitchen? Sign us up!


Anthurium Flamingo Lily

4. Anthurium

Anthurium: because spring and color go hand-in-hand. The pops of red are a perfect accent for just about any space - plus, when you’re coming out of a dull, grey winter, color is where it’s at. 


 Friendship plant pilea involucrata

5. Friendship Plant

Fact: National Friendship Day is July 30th. How sweet would it be to get a Friendship plant this spring, nurture and care for it, then gift it along to a dear friend on 7/30? Just a friendly tip from your plant friends at Wallygro :)



6. Hibiscus

If you want to go full-on Spring Break style in your home and turn your space into a tropical oasis, this is the plant for you! These blooms have unique petals that fade from yellow to pink to white and sometimes also blue, orange and red. Make sure this lovely piece of paradise gets bright sunlight, and keep its soil moist!


Boston fern

7. Ferns - Boston Fern

Ferns made it to the list, as they just seem to be that one timeless, quintessential patio plant! Ferns also do an excellent job chilling on a table or floor, or hanging from a deck or wall. It’s worth mentioning that ferns like ambient (rather than direct) sunlight and a little extra humidity, depending on the kind. We love how full a single fern is: one fern takes up ample space and goes a long way towards a flush look, if that’s the look you’re going for!


Bird of Paradise

8. Bird of Paradise

This plant has sprung into so many of the recent conversations we’ve with plant friends that we just had to add it to the list! Bird of Paradise is a fan favorite for spring months for several reasons, one being that they do well indoors but also transition well outdoors too. Between the big leaves and tropical blooms, this is a plant you’ll definitely want to show off, because compliments will be coming your way!


Lucky bamboo

9. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is the trendy spring plant for all our plant friends out there wanting to incorporate those fun springtime vibes, BUT (!) have terrible lighting for it. This plant is an excellent low-maintenance choice for dim light conditions. With its cool and unique sculpted braids and loops, you’ll find great luck raising this Lucky Bamboo.


Pink Princess Philodendron

10.  Pink Princess Philodendron

Got a little cash to burn? Then get yourself a Pink Princess (and buy us one too…kidding… sort of). The combination of pink and green makes this, hands-down, a simply gorgeous plant. Pink Princesses do well in a location with bright, indirect sunlight, so find a position near a window where the sun’s rays never actually touch the foliage. It’s important to provide good light for maximum coloration of these beauties!


Happy spring planting! 

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