3 Must-Have Color Trends

3 Must-Have Color Trends

Stone, Rose, and Charcoal; everywhere we look, these colors are popping up - and we are into it! Whether paired together or styled individually, these colors bring an inviting touch to just about any space. We love that these colors check off several different boxes: sweet, sophisticated, polished, modern, and simple. The versatility of the trio fits in so well with the wide variety of textures and patterns we come across on Instagram. In fact, the real winning point of this color scheme is that it’s so complementary to what’s already in place in many spaces, that they’re easy colors to just pop in & give that final touch to make your space YOURS.


Stone Wally Eco

Stone is the color to give your space an added touch of warmth and dimension to a darker wall, or a little hint of depth to a lighter wall. Minimal and contemporary, this warm grey is the perfect color to vibe with a fresh and modern look. Go sleek and stylish with a Sansevieria or make it super cozy with a trailing Satin Pothos.

Pantone: Warm Gray 6  |  Behr Paint Match: Rustic Taupe


Rose Wally Eco

Rose is a dreamy color, featuring a subtle, muted pink that complements green leaves perfectly. It’s a warm, peachy blush that is really the neutral of pinks, that can give your space that extra flavor and pop! that we adore! Just about any plants go with this color, but we love a good trailing plant such as a Marble Queen Pothos that, paired with Rose, gives us all the charming vibes.

Pantone: 2444  |  Behr Paint Match: Pink Quartz


Charcoal Wally Eco

Sophisticated and upscale, Charcoal is a cool grey that we see everywhere right now - and we can’t get enough of it. Whether you dress it up with a Kimberly Queen Fern for that classy look or keep it real with a Peperomia, this color will add drama to lighter walls or blend in beautifully with darker walls.

Pantone: 446  |  Behr Paint Match: Night Club


See the images below to give you some inspiration!