Which Houseplants Will Be Hot This Fall? 2020 Predictions

Which Houseplants Will Be Hot This Fall? 2020 Predictions

As we are about to fall into Fall, plants are as important as ever during these cold(er) months! With the current pandemic, many of us want to stay safe and healthy indoors, and plants do a great job at helping us stay sane by providing an interactive, relaxing hobby while also adding beauty to our homes. To stay on top of the houseplant trends, we reached out to a few plant friends to gather their thoughts on what plants they think will have a big moment in the upcoming season. Check out their predictions below!


Variegated AlocasiaAlocasia macrorrhiza variegata (variegated Elephant Ear) 

Fall 2020 is going to be all about variegation. With such high demand, variegated plants are becoming more readily available in the US. Soon everyone will have their hands on their wishlist plant. 

What was once an underground subculture of the online plant world, Aroids (#AroidLover) will be making their way into the mainstream this fall. Those with prized collections of rare Anthuriums and Philodendrons will continue to show off their precious finds in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

Kyler Hurley | @plntdude 


Hoya Carnosa

Hoya carnosa in bloom

My plant predictions are Hoyas. Whether it’s the linearis, carnosa, pubiclyx or any other variety, there is such great diversity and their texture is so fun and unique. Not to mention they bloom beautiful little flowers come spring, so why not get your hands on one now and watch it blossom in a few months! 

Paul | @plantmepaul 


Thegirlwiththegreencouch Loop hanging planters

String of Hearts | @thegirlwiththegreencouch | Terracotta and White Wally Loop

Over the summer we welcomed tons of new plant parents to our fabulous world of plants, and some of the most popular plants were Hoyas, String of Hearts, and Snake Plants! My best guess for what will continue trending into the fall is lots of trailing plants! Different varieties of trailing succulents and house plants will also look great with festive lights to dress them up! As they say, plant lady is the new cat lady and we fully support the plant addiction! 

Jessica Cain | @insucculentlove 


Cyrilcybernated photo of Brick Red Wally Eco Planters

Hoya retusa, Hoya obovata, Hoya polyneura, and Hoya heuschkeliana variegata | @cyrilcybernated | Brick Red Wally Eco

For fall 2020, we are going to see Hoyas trending! Hoyas are super easy to care for and have charming foliage and exquisite blooms! I personally love Hoyas and I am excited to see more people adding them to their indoor jungles. 

Mish | @theplantvisual 

Ficus Elastica RubyFicus elastica ruby

I’m seeing a lot of the painterly-looking leaves move to the spotlight this fall. Plants such as the Ficus elastica ruby or Colocasia escluenta ‘Mojito’, both of which have patches of color that look like they were painted onto the leaves. Other, more expensive species include the Aglaonema pictum tricolor or the variegated Banana Plant.

Angela Staehling | @angelastaehling 


Well, plant fam, did your prediction make the list? Pardon us while we go do some shopping for new plants! 

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