2021 Holiday Gift Guides

2021 Holiday Gift Guides

1. Wild at Home by Hilton Carter 24.99
Hilton Carter’s inspirational ideas make the perfect coffee table addition we swear by for any best friend. This is the gift where you really cannot go wrong as it’s a crowd pleaser!

2. Throw Pillow Covers $29.99
The cutest botanical accent your best friend will want to show off for years to come! Not to mention, only the best fabrication for your dear friend, made from 100% organic cotton and ink here in the USA.

3. WallyGrow Nylon Bag $14.99
The most convenient gift your bestie can tote around town while running errands. Baggu bags are a staple with the WallyGrow team, we cannot recommend this bag enough! The green is a subtle pop that transitions well with all seasons and outfits, so your best friend can receive all the well-deserved compliments!

4. E-Gift Card $25/500
Give your friend the plant shopping spree experience so they can take their time and order when and how they want.

5. Eco Plant Kits $69.99
What is better than receiving a complete plant wall? Set your friend up for plant parenthood success with gifting them everything they need, from nutrients, to soil, to plants to the planters – all in one set! Does not get much easier.

6. Build Your Own Eco 4 Pack $89.99
Customize your best friend’s favorite color combos in one Eco pack OR, gift half for them and you keep the other half. The Build Your Own Eco Packs are discounted compared to buying all singles, so everyone wins.

7. Placemats $12.49
These adorable machine washable placemats are the perfect gift your friend can use year round. Either go with the same patterns or mix and match for a cute contrasting botanical effect. Bonus: the placemats are sustainable, made from 100% cotton here in the USA.

1. Wally Potting Mix $14.99/24.99
Every plant newbie needs somewhere to start, and the potting mix is the perfect gift for that! The potting mix is compact and very easy to use.

2. Philodendron Brazil $35.99
Every plant newbie’s best friend: Philodendron Brazil. They are one of the most easy going houseplants out there. We love Brazil’s because they basically tell you what they need: when thirsty, their leaves look droopy and start curling and when they develops brown spots, it's a signal they need more light.

3. How not to Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless $14.99
Set your plant newbie up for success with How Not To Kill Your Houseplant! This is our #1 bestselling book for 5 years strong, it is simple and straightforward, we cannot recommend it enough!

4. Gnat Sticky Traps $9.99
This is one of those gifts that will come in handy the first time plant newbies see there first sign of the plant devil: gnats! These stickies get the job done, after all, the images speak for themselves. Our gnat traps use a bright yellow color to attract gnats and a high-quality non-toxic glue to trap them that is safe for kids and pets alike. The yellow color and non-toxic glue mean no odors or harmful chemicals in your home.

5. Loop Hanging Planter $29.99
It is impossible to overwater plants in the Loop! The #1 way to kill a plant is by overwatering and the Loop 100% prevents this with its inner drainage smart design. The Loop includes an inner shell with 360° drainage - any excess water simple goes into the leakproof outer shell that you can dump out.

6. Continuous Mist Spray Bottle $10.99
Don't let the plant newbie get discouraged by dry conditions! This multifunctional bottle is the item we swear by for creating abundant moisture in the air.

7. Wally Nutrients $12.99/29.99
Give the plant newbie in your life this magic potion so they can see fast results for instant gratification (and watch their plant addition grow)!

1. Hammerpress Assorted Cards 4 CT $22.99
One of the best things your stocking stuffer recipient can use for the next year – because sometimes handy gifts are the best gifts right?

2. Tea Towels $14.99
These buttery soft tea towels are machine washable and gorgeous to show off in any kitchen as they easily blend it with any aesthetic. The ideal gift for plant lovers and beyond!

3. E-Gift Card $25/500
We all know that picky plant person (say that 5 times fast…), this is for them!

4. Plant Pins $12.00
Perfectly tiny, yet significant gift that your recipient can showcase on a cute jacket, bag or just keep on their desk to have as a little bling.

5. Plant Keychains $18.00
Our entire team is OBSESSED with these botanical keychains. The designs are adorable but perhaps the best thing is that they last for forever! The quality is unmatched. Actually, you might want to pick yourself up one too!

6. Living Pattern Face Masks $24.99
What is a better gift than the gift of health and safety? Our exclusive Living Pattern masks have been a #1 bestseller since the pandemic started – not only due to the compliment worthy botanical styles but the flexible nose wires and organic 3 ply design makes it secure as ever.

7. Pet Bandanas $14.99
We all know a pet obsessed person (maybe its you!). The bandanas come in two different styles: Monstera and Alocasia and are made from 100% organic cotton here in the USA. The tie bandana allows for flexible sizing as you are able to roll to style.

8. Mindfulness Cards $12.99
Give the gift of peace of mind and body with this deck of over 50 prompts and exercises. Perfect for coffee tables or for a little pick me up on the go!