2020 Gift Guide For Plant People and Beyond!

2020 Gift Guide For Plant People and Beyond!

Here it is: your go-to guide for all things GIFTS for plant people and beyond! This holiday season, we’re all about shopping from home. Since we have a little something for just about everyone, we wanted to break down our ideas into some categories to help you get into the spirit of giving and narrow down your list. And, since we offer free shipping in the contiguous US, gift giving is easier than ever - just pick a little something for everyone, then leave the rest up to us!

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1. For the Plant Newbies

Since plants are now bigger than ever, everyone wants a little greenery in their space and we are here for it! After all, who doesn’t love a little company in the form of plants? More and more people have found that plants not only beautify their home, they also provide a serene hobby and can be quite therapeutic. The Loop is the PERFECT starter planter for anyone new in the plant world. Why? They can’t overwater their plant (which is one of the #1 ways to kill a houseplant) if they simply dump out the excess water that accumulates in the outer shell. And with the 360° aeration design of the inner shell, roots breathe easy!

The next best thing and perfect accompaniment for a plant newbie is the book "How To Make A Plant Love You”. This is a must-have book for every plant newbie for good reason - it’s easy to read, and the plant care tips are straight to the point! With so many things to consider in the plant world, this cut-to-the-chase advice is a great go-to reference for anyone looking to expand their plant horizons.




2. For Giving From Afar

More people than ever are giving gifts from afar this year, and in the name of health and safety we couldn’t agree more! That’s why Wally Plant Kits are the must-have gift this year: they’re the full package. The recipient you have in mind can get EVERYTHING they need to plant and take care of 1-4 new plants with the kit of your choice - including potting mix, nutrients, plants, and Eco or Loop planters delivered straight to them, all without you leaving your couch. How easy is that? With the added bonus of free shipping in the contiguous US, it’s quite the deal! Also, the kits are customizable: simply choose the color and type of planter (Eco or Loop), the type of plant (bushy or trailing), how many planters, and voilà - you will have one happy recipient! Note: Wally Plant Kits are available in the US only. 



3. The Stocking Stuffers

We love the little details of stocking stuffers. Sometimes, the littlest things are just about the best! This year, we have a selection of small items that are guaranteed to be a hit with plant lovers and style enthusiasts alike, such as our Hemleva collection of keychains and pins. Our team personally has one of each, and we are major fans. Not only is the quality superb, but the designs are sure to get lots of compliments, whether they’re hanging from a keyring or pinned to a bag, jacket, or anything else!



4. For Protection & Health

Because of COVID-19, we know just how important health measures are to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Stylish and practical face masks are an excellent choice of gift this year to show you care about your giftee’s health. We offer a variety of patterns and multiple tie styles, as well as sizes for both children and adults. Since our debut of our Living Pattern face masks earlier this year with designs by artist Jenny Kiker, our plant fam has raved about the quality, comfort and style of them - and they’re machine washable, too!


5. For the Green Thumbs

Know any green thumbs who’d like to kick up their plant game notch or two? Especially as winter approaches, grow lights like Sol-Tech’s Aspect pendant lights are ideal for people who are tired of a lifeless interior or who don’t get quite enough natural light to sustain as many houseplants as they’d like. Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to any space with the grow light used by interior designers and growers. The Aspect 20 Watt LED grow light offers an innovative and precise photosynthetic spectrum that will keep your recipient’s plants happy while its sleek, luxurious style and museum quality light brings beauty to their home!

To accompany the grow light, we recommend vertical gardening must-haves: Eco and Pro Pocket wall planters. Both make an excellent choice for someone wanting to venture into vertical gardening, which brings variety, beauty and a unique spin on traditional horticulture.



6. For the Cabin Fever Prone

If you’re shopping for the people who are antsy sitting at home and love a good project, we see you! Puzzles are having a moment right now, so we had to jump on board with plant ones, naturally. Puzzles pretty much make the perfect activity-based gift as they can be completed solo or with others, and are perfect for cozying up around a table when it’s cold outside. A slower, but still extremely gratifying project is propagating plants - which result in whole new plants that they can gift or plant up! Our propagation discs have a hole with a slit so the recipient’s plant cutting can slip in and stay in place securely while it grows new roots either in water or potting mix. And to jazz it up, each disc has a cute saying like "Prop it like it’s hot" to guarantee a little smile!



7. For the Plant-Obsessed

We all know that person - the plant-obsessed person who can’t ever have enough plants, just floor-to-ceiling plants all over! Chances are, if they're at that level, their home decor reflects their love for plants as well, which is why this cute porcelain plant tray is the perfect trinket to elevate any space whether it’s used as a key holder or an accent piece on a table. The Hemleva suncatcher also makes the perfect gift to bring joy, since it’s reusable and guarantees your recipient an indoor rainbow every day!

Looking for a heftier gift? If this plant-obsessed person is running out of floor space for more plants (and odds are good that they are), our Eco planter is perfect for adding plants to their walls for a vertical garden. We recommend a 4 pack or a 12 pack to really get their plant walls started - and with our wide color selection, you can’t go wrong!

To top it off, we have a wide range of books for plant lovers, whether they’d like a pretty coffee table read like How to Raise a Plant or Living with Plants, a little eye candy such as Boys with Plants, or something more in-depth, like Plant Therapy - we have it all and more.



8. For Yourself 

Because we’re all about treating yourself! If you’ve been eyeing a wall you want to plant up, NOW is the time to buy for yourself - revel in the gift-giving time and take advantage of the deals. Pick the colors of planters that will bring you joy for years to come (it’s been quite the year, you deserve it)! Whether you’re starting your plant wall or you simply want to add on to an existing one, grab our deals this year and have fun with it. With pack sizes ranging from 1-12 pieces, you can find the quantity that works for you and your space!



9. For the Hard To Shop For

We all know at least one person who is hard to shop for, right? While they can be difficult to find the perfect gift for, we still love them, so that’s why a WallyGro Gift Card is the best choice for these particular plant-loving folks! We offer gift cards in several ranges from $25 to $500. Gift cards are a wonderful option not only for people to make their own product choices but color choices as well; and this way, your giftee can shop on their own time when it’s right for them (which is pretty much the key for indecisive people!). We can promise they’ll be grateful for the chance to treat themselves, and you won’t have to worry about gift receipts, either.


10. For the Backyard Enthusiast

For the people who are obsessed with their yard, patio, balcony, or whatever they have going on outside, this just may be the perfect gift: Pro Pockets. Pro Pockets are awesome because you get the flush vertical garden look, they are great for edibles, and they are durable for all temps! Watering is a cinch as you can simply hose them off on their back panels. If the recipient doesn’t want to water or doesn’t have access to a hose, our Drip Kits - irrigation lines for our products - can also work, making watering easier than ever with timed drips at regular intervals.

And for your person who has several projects going on and loves working with their hands, we can't say enough great things about the multifunctional Roo aprons that come complete with multiple marsupial-like pockets right in front. If you’re like us and you start losing things mid-project, this is the item for you or your loved one to keep everything in one spot for easy access. Not only do they keep you clean and organized, there are several color options to choose from. They’re perfect gifts for gardeners, crafters, and all kinds of people!




11. For the Person Who Dreams of Trails

Full, trailing plants are all over our Instagram feeds and we can see why! Those charming vines provide that full jungle look everyone is after. Give the person who craves that Insta-worthy wall the secret ingredient: our Wally Nutrients trailing plants blend. This odorless blend (if you know nutrients, you know how smelly they can get!) will promote length and strong trails by delivering nutrients and beneficial fungi directly to the roots. Tell the gift recipient to get ready for some major trails!




12. For the Eco-Conscious Person

For the person living that sustainable life, we’ve got your back! We’re proud to say that our planters - Wally Eco, Wally Loop and Wally Pro Pockets - are all made from 100% recycled plastic in the USA! In fact, since our inception in 2007, we’ve diverted over 8 million plastic bottles from landfills. The durability of recycled plastic makes it easy to wash the planters over time and enjoy them for years and years. Fun fact: our Pro Pockets are actually handsewn in our Kansas City headquarters out of recycled-plastic felt! Just think of it as all your giftee’s recycling efforts coming back to them in the shape of planters to make new things grow - we know they’ll love it!


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